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For example, Von Ransen and Laverty encourage clinicians and researchers alike to 1 pursue inter-professional collaboration, 2 integrate the empirical evidence in treatment approaches, 3 remain up-to-date about best practices, 4 use technology, and 5 perform brief assessments to track progress. In summary, this excellent book has great potential to inform clinical care for patients with these high-mortality disorders. Alexander notes that her own anorexia nervosa went undiagnosed for some 21 years. With the help of books like Collaborative Approach , young people with eating disorders today will not have to suffer as long, and they will not have to suffer alone.

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Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. People of all ages, genders, ethnic groups and backgrounds can be affected. Search HelpFinder, Beat's directory of eating disorder services. Beat on the Ground is a new approach to tackling eating disorders in your area, equipping healthcare and education professionals, and empowering those affected. Cancel Ok. Do You Have an Eating Disorder? Learn More. Find out More.

Medical management of eating disorders. New York: Cambridge Univ. A primer on the medical complications of eating disorders and the identification and medical management of eating disorders in clinical practice. Appropriate for the practicing health-care professional. Includes practical tips for treatment.

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Fairburn, C. Brownell, eds. Eating disorders and obesity: A comprehensive handbook. New York: Guilford. Includes concise summaries of over one hundred areas of potential interest to clinicians and researchers in the fields of eating disorders and obesity. The text is very readable, in part because brief overviews of each topic are followed by annotated reading lists rather than in-text citations.

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Cooper, K. Bohn, M. Doll, and R. Behaviour Research and Therapy Discusses the problematic and common finding that most i. Compares the clinical correlates of patients with each eating disorder diagnosis, highlighting the significant symptom severity and duration within eating disorder not otherwise specified. Lask, B. Bryant-Waugh, eds. Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence.

Hear this: healing requires a team effort

Text is narrative in style, heavy in clinical examples and patient testimonials i. Could be a resource for clinicians or for laypersons, particularly parents, seeking to understand eating disorders. Le Grange, D. Lock, eds.

Eating disorders in children and adolescents: A clinical handbook. An important resource, in part because of its attention to developmental issues in eating disorder assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders

Devotes many chapters to treatment in various pediatric populations. Tanofsky-Kraff, M. Bulik, M. Marcus, et al. Binge eating disorder: The next generation of research.

International Journal of Eating Disorders Summarizes the proceedings from a workshop on the state of current knowledge and future directions for research on binge eating disorder. Includes brief synopses of topics covered e. Treasure, J. Claudino, and N. Eating disorders.