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The syllabus for MW is broader.

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Cultivate cheerful humility and relentless curiosity. Get organised. Allow yourself to be helped. Be ready to help others. Rather, it is about surrendering yourself to understanding a natural and cultural way in which the world is expressed. Wine is an ambassador for civilisation. It is a symbol of hope, stability, and cultural refinement. More importantly, it represents hospitality and togetherness.

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Wine is a way of connecting with friends, soon-to-be friends, and humanity. It is fleshy, sumptuous, and aromatic. It reminds me a bit of Syrah, but with the aromatics and lift of Sangiovese.

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Bogazkere is a moody but potentially great variety. I guess you could compare it to Tannat or Nebbiolo because of its tannic structure. But the fruit is darker and less floral.

Narince is like what Pinot Grigio would be if it was more interesting — delicate and sneakily aromatic. These two singles by Fime live up to the band's self-described "cool ass boy rock" vibe. Stranger by Less. The latest project from the German ambient artist has airy, floating sounds that swing from dark and gloomy to light and buoyant.

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Attack Everything Bridges To Nowhere There are a number of certifications applied to coffee that purport to ensure that the beans were produced ethically. Organic-certified coffee must be made from beans grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic agriculture also forbids the use of genetically modified organisms, and farmers use organic fertilizers and safer alternatives to fungicides and agricultural chemicals. While the environmental benefits of producing organic coffee are many, the economic advantages are few, and for farmers living in poverty, the immediate struggle to sustain a family will naturally tend to overwhelm concerns about water quality or exposure to chemicals.

While certified-organic coffee is sold at a premium, the lower yields mean that farmers do not always profit in a meaningful way from obtaining the certification. Unfortunately, its standards are so low as to make the certification almost meaningless. Unlike a Fair Trade certification, the Rainforest Alliance does not guarantee a fixed price to growers, leaving them vulnerable to the rise and fall of coffee prices on the stock exchange.

Fair Trade initiatives aim to provide farmers with an equitable price for their coffee and labor; however, the coffee crisis — a steep decrease in the price of coffee over the last few decades — has left many farmers in debt to their cooperatives. For this reason, a Fair Trade label does not guarantee that the farmers who produced the coffee have a reasonable standard of living or better working conditions than they otherwise would.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the premium charged for Fair Trade coffee does not go to coffee farmers in its entirety; rather, much of it is expended on marketing, administration, processing facilities, and labor at other levels of production.

Individuals can also make impactful decisions by purchasing products, such as coffee, from ethical sources, but Westerners really should begin to view coffee as a luxury, and people should consume less as part of reducing their environmental impact. Gaveau et al. If you can, work on getting more sleep versus using a stimulant such as coffee, and if you are going to buy coffee, we recommend supporting the companies below. All of the coffees recommended are shade grown except for Coop Coffee, which sources coffee grown from varying degrees of shade to more direct sunlight.

Traveling Light and the Tyranny of Higher Expectations

World Development, 33 3. Coffee Consumption Increases in U. The Guardian. Journal of Development Economics, 82 2 , Safety and Health Fact Sheet: Coffee. Geneva: International Labour Organization. Arrested Development: Discrimination and Slavery in the 21st Century. London: Anti- Slavery International.

The Culture of Coffee in Guatemala.