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Naas, Paul. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Autodesk Maya Essentials by Paul Naas.

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View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description Recommnded text for those preparing for the Maya Associate exam Maya, the industry-leading 3D animation and effects software used in movies, games, cartoons, and commercials, is challenging to learn. Sansar Tripathi leverages simple and easy-to-repeat poly modeling techniques to create this primitive robot.

You will learn how to set up and apply procedural material and use Vray for fast test renders. The tutorial is divided into three videos for better understanding the concept and is suitable for people with basic knowledge and some practical experience.

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Alan Monroig tells you how to use dynamic simulations to add realism and motion to a model. By following 69 clear steps, you will be able to create a similar masterpiece from scratch in several hours. Rendering A Realistic Guitar is comprehensive video tutorial that step by step reveals basic technique of creating realistic models.

Sansar Tripathi utilizes possibilities of Vray that in tandem with Maya obtains an outstanding result. He also shows you how to properly apply materials and textures as well as set up the environment by using HDRI reflections and global illumination.

100+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Users

The tutorial is broken into three main sections. The first one uncovers the concept, sketches, and references; the second one is dedicated to modeling, and the third one touches on texturing and rendering. It is suitable for artists with intermediate level since the author does not go into details. Revolution by Zhang Yang is a stunning artwork that is overfilled with details and fantastic elements. Although the artist presents only a short overview of the creation process, yet it can serve as a guideline for rendering your futuristic scene with a high-tech vibe.

He clarifies all the vital steps such as concept, sketching, designing, collecting references, low polygon modeling process, setting UV, skin shader, texturing, remodeling, rendering and some more. The rider by Christopher Adajar is an award-winning project that is full of energy and dynamics.

The author is managed to reproduce a photo piece by piece. The tutorial includes some interesting solutions and tricks. You will begin with a modeling of Yamaha R1 using Maya, Photoshop, and ZBrush; then proceed to character sculpting in ZBrush using possibilities of Zmapper; and finish off the artwork by creating the surroundings. He divides the article into several main stages that are dedicated to.

Making of Kid is a small tutorial that consists of standard procedures such as modeling, working with textures, light, skin shader, and post production.

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The artist uses Maya for creating a basic silhouette, then go for ZBrush to enrich object with details, and finally, return to the main program. The author walks you through the routine of prototyping a brilliant ancient scene with a gladiator. Although Maya is the common software that is used during the tutorial, yet there are some helpful programs that also took part in the creation.

It comprises such stages as. The author tries to explain how to create a yummy cheese platter that drums up an appetite. First of all, you will start with references that let you achieve a necessary level of realism. Then, you will jump into modeling where you will use UV mapping and various polygons.