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June 16, August 29, admin 0 Comments Spotlight. Give us some background on your magazine Beneath Ceaseless Skies. There were lots of great literary fantasy, slipstream, and magical realism, and decades of great literary SF, but rarely were magazines publishing character-centered or stylistically bold fantasy set in invented worlds. Firsts and Lasts by Graham Sleight March 13, locusmag 0.

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Locus relies on you to survive! A fine read!

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No Spoilers: Sanenya is a melodist, a woman capable of singing vanquishers to life, creatures that can be piloted by people in order to fight off behemoths, creatures that threaten to destroy everything. Though, more specifically, that threaten to destroy the citadels, floating cities where the wealthy elites live while maintaining the order below that feeds pilots and vanquishers into the slaughter in exchange for security for the wealthy. Only ever since Tizeva has taken over as captain of the pilots fight against the behemoths, the slaughter has been rather one sided, something that the lords in their citadels are pleased with, though Tizeva has a deeper motive to being so good at her job.

The piece sizzles with action and with the attraction between Tizeva and Sanenya, the two women connected by their roles with the vanquishers and their desire to do something about the waste and death they see too often.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies #70

But can they trust each other enough to do something about it all? Review: The story is fast, hot, and gorgeous. The world building is striking, with the vanquishers acting as monsters bent to human wills in order to fight against the very creatures that they were made from. The way that the citadels maintain a status quo, never doing enough to truly end the threat of the behemoths, as if their forever war serves more purposes than just fighting for survival.

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Sunenya is the more professional of the two, who wears a mask of serenity. She seems to go with the flow even as she does everything she can to try and save lives and keep people safe. Tizeva, on the other hand, wears a different mask, one of borderline insubordination, one of reckless hedonism.

Her true mission, and methods, are hidden beneath the brash grandstanding. The action is punchy, the romance steamy, and the story as a whole is a delight to read!