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6 Soft Skills To Teach Your Leaders

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Recognized Leader as Coach - Association for Coaching

Login here. Learning Management Systems. Many corporate training programs overemphasize or, worse, focus solely on hard skills development. Yet, a balance between hard and soft skills is essential for a business to thrive. In this article, we examine the importance of leadership training and the soft skills a great manager should possess. Listen to the audio version Continue listening Pause Stop. Soft Skills, Hard Results: The Benefits Of Leadership Training When businesses first embark on employee training , they tend to focus on hard skills that are essential for day to day operations and easy to define and measure—things like teaching office employees Excel or showing fast food employees how to flip burgers.

Top 6 Leadership Soft Skills You Should Teach Your Employees Here are the 6 most important leadership soft skills that you need to teach your employees to help them become more efficient executives and better team managers. Communication They say that whole wars can be won or lost based on how effective an army's communication network is. Teamwork One of the most important leadership soft skills is knowing how to organize and run a team. Decision-Making One of the reasons why leadership training is important is because most people are really bad at making decisions.

There are lots of ways to fail at decision making: over-thinking a decision aka "analysis paralysis" focusing on insignificant details aka "bikeshedding" underestimating how long a project will take obsessing over extremely unlikely negative outcomes rushing to a decision based on incomplete information Among the main benefits of leadership training is that it helps instill a structured approach to decision-making in executives. Problem-Solving A successful leader is, first and foremost, a problem solver.

Empowerment Businesses rarely fail because their employees lacked hard skills. Empathy Empathy, or emotional intelligence, is another soft skill that some people innately possess, and others need to be taught. The Benefits Of Leadership Training As is evident from this post's list of important soft skills, there are lots of things an employee poised for a leadership role or even a seasoned executive can gain from leadership programs.

The benefits of a soft skills training program extend, of course, to the business running it: 1. Increased Productivity More often than not, it's not external obstacles that hurt a company's productivity, but self-imposed organizational failures. Improved Office Culture Soft skills training can help office leaders turn a toxic work environment into a friendly and productive one. These free management checklists will help you to break down complex management tasks into small controllable steps.

Most of the day-to-day management tasks you need to do have already been done by others many times in the past. Our free management templates will save you from wasting your valuable time re-inventing the wheel.

Free Management eBooks, Templates and Checklists. Productivity Skills As a busy manager you need to squeeze more out of your working day. Leadership Skills Successful leadership at work means making a success of the team you have been given. Appraisal Skills Conducting fair and accurate performance evaluations of your team is a key part of your job.

Communication Skills Good communication skills are arguably the most important attribute a manager can possess. Meeting Skills From developing the agenda to recording the minutes, our free meeting skills eBooks can help you and your team to maximize your effectiveness in the highly visible forum of a business meeting. Project Management Skills Successful project management means delivering your projects on time and within budget. Finance Skills The ability to understand finance is crucial to any manger who wants to advance their career.

Strategy Skills These free eBooks will give you a good understanding of the appropriate business analysis techniques and terminology to help you to contribute to the strategic decision-making process.

Leading productive people: A manager's seven steps to success

Coaching Skills These free eBooks will help you to develop your coaching skills by giving you an understanding of the principles of successful coaching as well as the popular models that you can use to help you develop your team. People Skills These free eBooks will help you to develop the emotional intelligence skills needed to build the professional relationships that are at the heart of both individual success and team productivity. Past Participant, Techinsights Inc. Mar 28, The content the course provided was really good. I'm a new-ish manager, and gaining the knowledge and skills needed to help do my job better was really good.

1. Do Change Management Right the First Time

Lucie was an amazing instructor. She facilitated the course very well, added additional information or clarity as needed, and kept us all engaged. Overall a great experience. Past Participant, University of Quebec Mar 27, Great content, amazing class discussion, experienced facilitator. Lot of tools to be immediately applied at work.

Well prepared. Lot of real life examples. Content well presented and great interaction between program attendees. Very good program's organization.

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Excellent material to take back to the office. Tasteful and healthy lunches and snacks. Bo Jin, Gemalto Mar 27, Lucie has been very clear and direct. That is what we needed. She also promotes the communication between students. Diane Tourangeau, Sivaco Quebec Mar 23, I learnt a lot about myself in this course as well as information which will be valuable when I come into my new position.


It has made me see things in a different light and to other people's perspective on situations. Karen made the course relevant, fun and I couldn't believe how quickly the time went because I was so into the material we were covering. I look forward to checking out the other programs and see what else I will take in the future in order to develop more. As previously mentioned, Karen was beyond my expectations. She was very informative and covered the course material with expertise. I look forward to taking other courses and would not mind taking them with her.

I really enjoyed her thoughtful comments and the way she related the material to personal experience. Karen made the course go fluently. Time went by quickly, which says a lot about her expertise. Very welcoming. The course actually exceeded my expectations - I don't normally enjoy participating in things like this where there would be role-playing, etc The information was extremely valuable and I am already working towards applying a lot of the strategies that I learned during the course. Karen was amazing! She was engaged and engaging.

She allowed us to use our own experiences and examples - wasn't just a talking head at the front of the room.

First Time Manager: Performance Management Essentials

Everyone at the Centre was very helpful. There to greet you at the door on the first day and always available if you needed anything.

First Things First

Interesting, useful content. Was expecting some project management methods but was not disappointed with course. Karen fostered a congenial, non-intimidating atmosphere where all members were able to participate for some good, informative discussions. Heather, Jonas Software Mar 20, I thought the content was relevant and the facilitator was excellent. Karen was great. She had a wealth of knowledge and personal history with the topic. I really enjoyed how she was able to provide personal examples for different situations which helped me to figure out how I can apply the things we learned to real life.

Everything was taken care of in a timely and professional manner.