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Our research is concerned with the exploration of novel design solutions and AM fabrication processes for multi-material load-carrying structures.

The science and technology of composite materials

Read more. We investigate original approaches to resolving the conflicting requirements of load-carrying capability and shape adaptation. We investigate novel ideas and approaches to reduce cycle time and costs in the fabrication of high performance composite parts. We conduct research in composite structures with integrated passive and semi-active vibration damping capabilities. We develop mechanical models and more efficient numerical methods to design optimised composite structures.

What makes a material a composite

We investigate smart material systems for actuation, sensing and tunable material and structural properties purposes and their integration in adaptive structures. Our research is driven by long-term experience in modeling and characterization of complex impregnation and curing mechanisms and is motivated by the desire to improve reliability, robustness and efficiency of the fabrication processes.

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The delegation of the lab, composed by Dr. Sampada Bodkhe, Dr. Maria Sakovsky and by the doctoral candidates Daniel Filipovic and Arthur Schlothauer, presented the latest results of our research on composite materials and adaptive structures.

After a successful conclusion of their focus project, ftero was able to present their results to a broader audience on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, August 30 th , 13 students held the final presentations of their Master's theses.

They presented the results and findings obtained during their half year long scientific endeavor in the laboratory, the workshop, and the virtual world doing experiments, fabrication, design, and simulations. We wish all our students a successful conclusion of their theses and a bright future for their time after CMASLab. We welcome him to our team and are looking foward to his work!

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Die The series deals with a diverse range of materials: ceramics; metals ferrous and non-ferrous ; semiconductors; composites, polymers, biomimetics etc. Each monograph in the series is written by a specialist and demonstrates how enhancements in materials and the processes associated with them can improve performance in the field of engineering in which they are used.

Deborah D.

Science and Applications

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Engineering Materials and Processes Free Preview. Provides a comprehensive treatment of functional composite materials, covering functions related to the thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, thermoelectric, dielectric, optical, magnetic and electrochemical behaviour The 2nd edition includes an expanded treatment of each topic, particularly in relation to applications and practical considerations see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy.

Hybrid Polymer Composite Materials - 1st Edition

Show all. The depth of treatment makes the book suitable for the upper-level undergraduate and graduate students … it can also be used as a reference book by practicing engineers in the areas of aerospace, civil, chemical, electrical and materials engineering. Carbon Fibers and Nanofillers Pages Mechanical Properties Pages