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Madeleine is missing, and her brother's failing health suggests that both twins' lives could be in danger.

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But the truth about the Usher family curse is much darker than anyone could imagine But ever since the wedding, strange things have been happening in their home - unearthly screams and weeping, glass objects shattering for no reason - and Marie herself is distracted and upset. What secret are she and her aunt hiding?

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The eighth game, The Tell-Tale Heart, takes the player character and Dupin to the seaside town of Gurtos, where a young woman has been brutally murdered. The wound to her heart is strange and suggests that the crime is very personal, but little else is known. The officials need help solving not just one, but two murders - and the clock is ticking.

In the ninth game, Metzengerstein, Dupin and the player travel to Hungary at the behest of Baroness Mary von Metzengerstein. Her daughter, Frederica, is the last heir to the illustrious family. But their dark past quickly catches up with young Frederica when she's apparently kidnapped by a ghost, and the detectives must learn the truth and rescue her before it's too late. Dupin and his friend are summoned to examine the death of famous archaeologist Alan Dillinger, who seems to have committed suicide; his death note speaks of his love for a woman called Lenore.

But Dupin's client believes it was murder, and sets the detectives on the hunt. Complicating matters is the mysterious White Crow, an individual who has a very different approach to solving the case, and it's up to the heroes to find out the truth - about Dillinger and also about the enigmatic Raven Society. The eleventh game is Lenore, set in the community of Goldstown.

The town has been beset by multiple kidnappings and murders, with a mysterious group called the Crows League apparently responsible.

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  4. The detectives must outwit this outfit and recover the missing children. In a slight departure from the rest of the series, this game is a direct sequel to The Raven. The twelfth game, Morella, is based on one of Poe's short stories. The McDougall family has gone missing inside their own home, which is known to locals as the "Devourer of Souls," and the police are frankly too scared to investigate.

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