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The issue is protecting the juggler here.

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Maybe you guys could find something with a similar concept but better balanced. I thought about what class might fit best for this situation, I chose the rogue because of the combo system as well as some decent card clears and creative evasion capabilities. There may be some better cards to throw in here rather than the footmenx2 you could have one and throw in a higher level card for mid game. Cho can be replaced by any number of cards, but a Dragonling Mechanic or a Razorfen Hunter might fit well.

Keep in mind my inexperience though, I'm sure there are much better builds you guys can come up with. Jeffy, this is the basic idea behind most Knife Juggler-centric decks, they're very swarm heavy and use the Juggler as an expendable minion in the larger scope of the deck, but if left alone, makes the game spin out of control.

Product Review: Three Finger Juggling “Danger Props”

Warlocks are good at this, Shamans are good at this, Paladins are as well. Rogues, while able to protect a Knife Juggler, do so at the expense of too many cards, with too little reward. Imagine you have a Questing Adventurer or Mana Addict stealthed instead.

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All that damage is worth it, and that's one of the concepts to a strong Rogue deck. I slightly disagree with your original deck as it contains 4 weapons which IMO is a little overkill. I would replace the second truesilver champion with one of tose legendaries you mentioned or some kind of silence as I think that if the got very situational the Paladin Legendary - can't remeber of the top of my head, then he would cause a lot of hassle for that deck. I would also like to point out that I do not own Hearthstone as of the present but I have watched many livestreamers and know most of the dynamics of the game.

Paladin Legendary is Tirion Fordring. The weapon Sword of Justice is more of a spell that augments minions to be summoned, very rarely is it to be attacked with, but you have cards such as Equality that allow you do much more than you'd expect with a one damage weapon.

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Taunts tend to be a bit overrated if you're killing everything, which should be the plan in a deck with that much early aggro and Paladin removal. Light's Justice is an overall excellent starting weapon, you take damage, but provides just enough damage to often kill minions and the card pays for itself in spades in decks with one health drops or vs Paladin.

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The deck as a whole, fell out of favor with me. The deck wasn't so fun to merit play, but it was definitely unstoppable if I had the right cards.

Product Review: Three Finger Juggling “Danger Props”

There's not much to say positively about the deck besides it did perfectly what it was designed to do, and was pretty garbage against general counters. I'm still learning but I see what you're talking about Aishi.

Thanks for the input, I'm trying to grasp the meta right now when it comes to deck building. I figured running with a Rogue could lead to an interesting combo IF you get the right cards, but without a solid base to back up the Juggler the deck falls apart.

Juggling Blade Jugglers - RNA Draft

I'll try to get a better grasp of deck building in general as soon as I can. Hearthstone Guide: Everything you need to know to become an expert! Help Register Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. I should have all the required cards including legendaries.

I will try it tonight or tomorrow. Just as fire torches look good at dusk and at night, knife juggling is the way to show off during the daytime. Everyone with think that you are either brave or completely mad or both. On a personal level being able to juggle knives and fire torches without serious injury of course!

Jugglus Juggler

First of all you need to make sure that you can juggle clubs competently. Don't even think about knife juggling until you can do this. Once you've mastered the art of juggling three clubs in the basic pattern you are able to step up to knives This is when I started knife juggling and if it can work for me Although the technique is identical to club juggling, knives are somewhat heavier, so it's necessary to "relearn" in some respects.

The key to juggling knives is confidence. Specialised juggling knives and if you're not juggling these knives put the ones you are currently using away and go down to your nearest juggling shop and get some are blunt, you can catch the blade without too much damage, but there is still a psychological barrier to cross the blades might be blunt but they don't look blunt. To juggle knives follow the following set of instructions.

How to best base a deck around Knife Juggler?

Don't go onto the next step until you are confident of the one you are presently on:. Steps 1 and 2 are for gaining confidence and for getting used to the feel of the knives. As I say juggling knives are blunt but be careful not to juggle too near people particularly children.

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