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She should never draw attention to her body by being overdressed or underdressed. To avoid confusion and establish order, someone needs to be the head and God has ordained that this should be the man 1 Corinthians Marriage is to be a harmonious relationship similar to that of Christ and the Church. Christ is subject to God, man is subject to Christ, and woman is subject to man. Why would any woman rebel at her position in the framework of authority when even Christ, the Son, is subject to the Father?

As the wife reverences her husband, she is obedient to the scripture Ephesians , and her husband is then able to bear the responsibility that God has laid on his shoulders. The liberation movement has challenged God's blueprint for womanhood. Women are clamoring for freedom and fulfillment by asking for total equality.

This puts them into a power struggle- into a competitive role instead of a complementary partnership. Their quest for freedom only leads them into bondage. Nevertheless, the selfishness and ungodliness of many men is without excuse. In this context some of women's frustrations can be understood. Ironically, the very thing that many women are rejecting is God's way of establishing the woman in a life that fully satisfies.

If a women moves aggressively into the man's world and there seeks independence and equality, she loses her femininity, that reserved, modest sweetness that men respect and God approves.

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Fulfillment comes as she cultivates those gifts for which she was created. A woman's submission to her husband liberates her from a multitude of frustrating problems, and her submission to God's order frees her from guilt. Submission is a blessing, not a curse! The pattern of men taking the leadership and women following will bring a blessing to single women as well as married women, to daughters as well as wives.

Man is subject to Christ and should therefore pray with his head uncovered. Woman is subject to man and should pray with her head covered. Wearing a head covering is a recognition of this divine order. A Christian sister would naturally want to wear the head covering whenever she is giving Christian service. In truth, all of a believer's daily life should be lived in service unto Christ.

Lesson 2: Women, Designed by God |

It seems appropriate, then, that the Christian women wear the prayer covering whenever she appears in public. She thus leaves a constant testimony of her submission to God and her husband. Love in marriage is to be pure and is given for pleasure as well as for propagation. Woman was uniquely created for the special task of bearing children, a creative fulfillment. God said, "Be fruitful and multiply" Genesis To purposely choose not to have children is sidestepping God's principle and forfeiting one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman's life.

Woman's first duty is the making and keeping of her home. Many a modern woman chooses a career, hires a baby-sitter, and rushes her children through childhood so that she can be free to pursue her selfish interests. The Bible teaches that women are to be "keepers at home" Titus This means a women is to be there, loving her husband, teaching and enjoying her children, and applying the homemaking arts with joy in her heart.

This mother is the heartbeat of the home. She helps lay the foundation of moral standards there. The warmth of her spirit quietly establishes security in the lives of little children-confidence, that in spite of their problems and fears, all will be right. Why would any woman trade this noble place for some dollars earned or for some coveted position?

This Bible way is not just being old-fashioned; it is God's order. The women who wholeheartedly accept God's plan will be blessed. In certain instances, a woman's role extends beyond her home.

Sarah — Mother of Nations: Sunday School Lesson Conclusion

Anyone who has ever prayed for healing or anything else of great importance and feels God let them down by not answering as they wanted or expected, will relate to some of the feelings and questions this couple experience. This sentence on the first page expresses some truths that are expounded through the book.

In that moment, we think life as we know it is over. It sure did to me. But then she had another thought. This is one: The strength of my faith is based on how strongly I believe. Truth: The strength of my faith is based on the strength of my God. I loved the way the way Laura and Martin were enfolded by their church and the support they received throughout. I also liked the way their friends were prepared to speak the truth and call them out when they thought things they were doing were wrong. Being a true friend means being able to tell the truth to each other and also to accept it.

This story is a heartbreaker. Yes, it made me cry but it also a book of hope.


It made me thankful that God never leaves us alone in the hard times but is walking with us just as He is with Laura and Martin. This is a book I suspect I will be buying more than one copy of to give to friends and loved ones. An honest, hopeful and challenging read. If you are having a hard time with life maybe this book could be a help to you too.

Acts Lesson 39 - When God Reroutes Us

View all 4 comments. Nov 15, Shannon Shackleford rated it it was amazing. This book is a must-read! I rarely give 5 stars to a book, but this one deserves 6 or 7! One of the best books I've ever read! Aug 16, Erin Henry rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir-biography , christian , non-fiction , marriage.

Very inspiring story. She talks a lot about telling your unfinished story. At times she sounds unattainably Pollyannish. But you can tell she has fought for joy in her life. At the end of each chapter she states a myth we believe and the truth. My favorite was Myth: The strength of my faith is based on how strongly I believe. Truth: the strength of my faith is based on the strength of my God.

Award-winning musician Laura Story supported her husband, Martin, through his diagnosis, surgery, and recovery from a brain tumor. There were life-changing effects from this ordeal that impacted the romantic hopes and dreams for their marriage.

I appreciated the "myth versus truth" format as Laura shares how she grew closer to God even though what was broken may never get "fixed". It happened to many people in the Bible, and it happens with us as well. Top Five Truths from the book include: God' Award-winning musician Laura Story supported her husband, Martin, through his diagnosis, surgery, and recovery from a brain tumor. Top Five Truths from the book include: God's primary desire is to fix my broken relationship with Him, where God has me right now is the best place for me, I gain by letting go, God wants my trust, and my situation may not get better but I can get better.

This is a story about a worship leader and how her fairy tail life didn't happen.

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  5. When they find out her husband has a brain tumor, everything changed. I didn't enjoy this all that much probably because I started it when my little granddaughter was born and she had complications before and after birth. I had to put it away because I didn't want to think about losing her.

    After she passed, I could finish what I had started reading in this book.

    Chris Adams

    Even though the circumstances never were miraculously taken care of by God, she and her family were able to find joy with the comfort of Jesus and his love for all his children. The basic premise was that attitudes make all the difference in the trials of our lives. Jan 05, Heidi Willis rated it it was amazing. I heard Laura tell part of this story at a concert, and it changed the way I have listened to the song "Blessings" ever since. This book, though, goes far deeper.

    Encouraging, Equipping, and Engaging Ideas from Local Church Leaders

    It is raw and honest, and she expertly weaves throughout her own life story the stories of those who struggled in the Bible, and what God is teaching her, and through that, she allows the reader to see that God can still use you, even if you haven't arrived at a happily ever after in your life. This is not only a book I have read more t I heard Laura tell part of this story at a concert, and it changed the way I have listened to the song "Blessings" ever since. This is not only a book I have read more than once, and probably will read again, but is a book I buy for others.

    I highly recommend this. Nov 07, Lisa rated it really liked it.