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Mashed potatoes! Mine are always lumpy, no matter what I do. Prize pack 2 please. Perhaps my baking skills are better than boiling! Really embarrassing I know — but I just cannot make good cupcakes. Pastry is my only failure , it never works out. Maybe I need pack to and use proper measurements. I would be very happy to win pack 1. I would love to perfect choux pastry! I can do lots of other kinds of pastry, but I am hit and miss with choux. I would love prize 1, I think the pretty apron would help me get into the choux groove! I fail at nearly everything I cook and I have a memory like a Siv.

I love baking but something normally goes wrong. And instead of 1 cake I make a few just to get it wright. I want to teach my son how to bake everything from scratch and pack 1 would help so much. But I would love to win either of the packages for my soon-to-be daughter in law. My biggest baking fail is baking cakes,i just cant do it,i fail everytime so now my 12old daughter has taken overand bakes all our cakes.

Being a single mum of a 3 year old daughter she wants to bake all the time as little girls do but i just have no idea. I need to master the art of making bread. Always turns out dense and doughy not matter what I do! I have never made a perfect macron, something will always stuff up!! I would love to master pasta!

I have been to scared to try to cook my own and I am sure any pasta dish would taste much better home made. Prize pack two is the one r me please.

If I could make a wish, it would be to learn how to cook, even the basics. Perhaps pack 1!

Pasta-Mastering cooking basics-episode 1

I would like to master Pastry! I would choose prize pack 1. I love baking of any sort, trying new things is exciting so help would come in handy when experimenting lol. Thanks for the possibility of redeeming myself. I need to master patience in baking! As I always seem to burn alot of my baking! I definately need some basic cooking skills! Spose to be one of the easier thigns to bake but NOPE!

I would love to master pastry, it never turns out right for me. Would love to make perfect pastries ….. I can make the most amazing cakes and cupcakes and slices, cooked well, taste amazing and I always mess up the icing. I can never seem to get it right and its so infuriating! I need to master baking cakes to allow me to be able to produce magnificent Birthday cakes that will be the envy of all my friends. The perfect mudcake! I never seem to make icing right…. I never seem to make icing right …I end up with a bucket load by the end. Prize pack 2 would help. I need to master the perfect birthday cake for my daughter, as each year it ends up a flop, and I have to cover it in chocolate and smarties, or sprinkles and heaps of pink icing!

So this prize would be wonderful xx.

Mastering Pasta vs Pasta By Hand: The Right Pasta Cookbook for the Job | Epicurious

Thank you for the giveaway, hopefully I will win this. Prize pack 1 would be lovely! I need to master pasta and pastry, my pies and tarts never come out right either pastry is floury or hard as a rock. This set would be perfect for my daughter as shes getting ready to move out of home getting the basics right will stay with her for the rest of her life. I need to master pizza dough the way my mother does it.

We are Italian but no matter how many times I copy her pizza dough recipe it never comes out the same or as good as as hers. Even after she has shown me. Pastry and pasta, would love to be able to make both, pastry thats flaky and rises and pasta thats soft smooth and silky…those tv shows make it seem So easy…. Pavlova and meringues. I can never get my egg whites to form soft peaks, and I end up giving up! With prize pack 2, the tools and recipe books would definitely help!

Chocolate self saucing pudding! Last time I made it I forgot to add the hot water before it went in the oven so it turned out just like a chocolate muffin! Fresh pasta. Ravioli, gnocchi all the good stuff. I want to be able to make the soft tasty kind. Prize pack 1 looks like a winner to me. I really need to master the basics of pastry making, my efforts are not the best and are terribly flaking.

Sponge cake. My grandma made hers with hand held egg beaters, and they were lovely. I did get a lesson, but sadly she is no longer with us to teach me more of her cooking wisdom. Scones, I would LOVE to master scones, instead of my scones coming out like rock cakes I would love to serve beautifully light, fluffy and perfectly risen scones to my family! Love pack one. Prize pack No.