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The trick is to sign players you believe have long-term value. Fantasy baseball, like all fantasy sports, is played in leagues. All of the big media outlets Yahoo!

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These are far less common than traditional draft leagues. The mathematics behind fantasy scoring are simple, but vary a little between leagues and platforms.

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Most actions on the baseball diamond have a correlating fantasy score value. These fantasy leagues are generally between 8 and 20 teams in size, though a league of 8, 10, or 12 teams is most common. Generally speaking, fantasy baseball can be broken up into four leagues, known by their method of scoring. The most common league is Categorical, in which performance is broken up into categories rather than individual stat points.

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There are some basic tricks of the trade that newcomers to fantasy baseball should be aware of. Here is a brief guide to performing well as a fantasy baseball owner. Scoring big in fantasy baseball requires big bats, or at least very clever ones. Generally speaking, fantasy baseball owners looking for good hitters should look at players from three perspectives — how much discipline do they show at the plate, how much power do they have, and how fast are they.

Some power hitters are free-swingers that rack up strikeouts — look at Sabermetrics for a few minutes and this is a clear trend that goes back decades.

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Growing home run totals over the past season or two are a key indicator of rising power. And though speed between the bases may be a long-gone factor in the real-world game, it is a huge factor in fantasy, thanks to generally uneven scoring for stolen bases and extra base hits.

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