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Your child can replace one of the chunky pieces easy for little hands to hold to hear the phonic sound of the letter or digraph, the name of an object or animal relating to that sound, and a sound effect. They can also use the pieces to make short words. Each of the phonics sounds is explained and appears on screen, and you can also watch Mr Thorne videos about high frequency words and spelling.

First Phonics

Jolly Songs book and audio CD. You might have heard your child singing some of these songs already, as so many schools use them. Each of the 42 phonics sounds has a song, sung by children on the audio CD which comes with the explanatory book. Oxford Owl Phonics storybooks.

Learning phonics is a means to an end — learning to read! Help your child put their learning into practice and get excited about stories again with one of these phonics eBooks on the Oxford Owl website. There are over to choose from, all free to read and ranging in reading level from 1 to 7.

Welcome to our World by Moira Butterfiled with Harriet Lynas (illustrator): £13, Nosy Crow

TheSchoolRun Phonics learning packs. As well as free phonics activities there are two subscriber-only learning packs about phonics on the site.

Personalised phonics word pads. Help your child get to grips with high frequency words with themed word pads, personalised with their name and ready for colouring and first writing. Each activity page has a focus on one important phonetic keyword.

Phonics Song 2 (new version)

Girl- and boy-themed word pads are available for Reception children; a more advanced pad is aimed at Year 1 children. A fun and engaging combination of letter and sound pronunciation and writing practice, abc PocketPhonics helps your child sound out letters and teaches simple words. You can customize the app for different children or stages of learning, and try out the Lite version for free before you buy.

Why teach phonics?

Teach your Monster to Read digital flashcards. Help your child experiment with sound patterns and spelling with this free tool — digital phonics flashcards for use on laptops or desktop computers only. We combine your child's passions and current reading level to create a personalized learn-to-read plan.

Our library of interactive stories helps your child fall in love with reading while building critical skills.

Kids struggle to read when schools leave phonics out

About Us. I love reading, and I want to be really good at reading when I grow up. My daughter went from barely reading this year to now reading chapter books. As a teacher who is trained in reading and literacy, HOMER is fun, interactive, and effective learning tool that reinforces beginning reading skills.