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Funnily enough, Trello has chosen the same typeface as Twitter, but takes it a few steps further by specifying a hierarchy of font styles and sizes, text colors, and styles for lists and paragraphs:. Some companies even design their own fonts!

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Specify your font hierarchy with respect to font sizes big for headers, medium for subheaders and smaller longer paragraphs and font weights light, bold, heavy, etc. Need to learn about choosing fonts? Check out our article on how to choose infographic fonts —all the same rules apply! The importance of having a consistent brand voice in your messaging should not be underestimated.

Spend some time finding the style that resonates with your audience and aligns with the personality of your brand. By giving tons of examples they make it impossible to go awry with messaging. On the other side of the spectrum, Atlassian has kept it short and sweet, simply outlining their writing style in a couple brief sentences. We learn best by example, right? Need some help creating your own brand guidelines? Everything about your imagery, including style, color, and content, contributes to the perception of your brand.

Create some guidelines for imagery photos, illustrations, charts, infographics, etc.

Well, Trello loves to feature custom illustrations, but knows it can be hard for different artists to produce illustrations with a cohesive style. Photographic style is just as important as illustrative style.

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If you use photographs frequently in your branding, your style guide should specify the level of complexity, compositions, color schemes, styles, and technical specs that make photographs fit within your brand. They also provide some more concrete direction to their photographers:. Light is also used as an active element in our photography, sometimes to the point of slight overexposure. To avoid unnatural angles, never rotate the camera to an angle other than 90 degrees. Whether you work with photos or illustrations, providing lots of examples and thorough descriptions is the way to go!

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Specify when and where to use infographics and data visualizations, and include style preferences and technical conventions. Shopify gives their designers clear directions on how to approach a data visualization:. Followed by some definitive rules for labeling and styling those visualizations:. Guidelines such as these are easy to overlook, but when used properly go a long way towards fostering a cohesive brand presence — especially for more complex media like infographics and data visualizations. Build one with these 6 simple steps:.

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If you find that something about your brand is not working, fix it! Toggle navigation. With a brand style guide. What is a brand style guide? Kick off your brand style guide with a great brand story Every great brand is driven by a compelling brand story.

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Use logo guidelines to create a recognizable brand signature Brand story aside, your logo is the most important part of your brand. To make a logo instantly recognizable, it has to be used consistently! A great brand style guide also includes every acceptable color variation for a logo, making it tough to go wrong: Medium has gone one better, removing any ambiguity about logo color by specifying primary, secondary, and incorrect logo color usage. Make it dummy-proof by including what not to do: Follow the lead of top brands like Spotify, Medium, Facebook, and Snapchat and create clear guidelines to make sure your logo is represented in the best light.

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Find your brand voice The importance of having a consistent brand voice in your messaging should not be underestimated. What might these guidelines look like? Most importantly, they give examples! Grammar time. Give kids a fun way to consolidate learning with some basic interactive activities to test their SPAG skills How to Harness Technology to Support Literacy. No one says PSGA? What about APGS? Why not? It makes as much sense as GAPS. So be it. Bad grammar! This literacy game sees you push word barrels around into the correct category of either proper nouns, common nouns, adjectives or comparative adjectives in order to escape from the Forbidden Chamber.

Some very stylish graphics and atmospheric music too which is a nice bonus.

Play it here. Try it here. Well, it is in The Quest of Comma Castle where you need to save a diamond from the Plinth of the Perishing Pit, negotiating dragons, bottomless pits and other deadly obstacles, all by answering grammar questions. There are four difficulty settings, and six sections to play through.

Real heroes know their synonyms and antonyms. Check it out here. You best know your verbs from your imperative verbs and adverbs to play this game. Kids need to roll the marbles over to the correct toy, and also fill in the missing words in sentences.