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Eight lively stories, packed with action and fun, show all the detail of their lives in the palace - their clothes, their toys, their tiaras - and take them on an exciting adventure in which, with the help of their fairy godmother, Miss Sponge, they outwit the horrid Gobblers.

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In the same format as the highly successful Three Little Witches and Three Little Pirates, and with the same fun and energy in words, pictures and design, this will be irresistible to every little girl who wants to be a princess. Read by Adjoa Andoh. But before long they get lost in a blizzard! Can the friends get to the North Pole in time to see Father Christmas?

Join the Three Little Astronauts on their first journey into space! Meet the Three Little Astronauts - Rikki, Jenna and Leo, and join them on an out of this world adventure where they take a wrong turn, meet a space dinosaur and come face to face with evil villian Zarl! Something mysterious has come to the Ripple River Valley! When Bracken hears a whistling noise, none of his family believe him, so he decides to run away to prove them wrong.

Soon he's tracking some very odd looking paw prints. But who do they belong to? Heartwarming and hilarious, with Anna Currey's charming illustrations, this is a brilliant animal adventure series from a bestselling children's author.

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There are strange goings-on at Fairweather's Farm Park! The maize field is ripe - but the people-folk have decided to cut patterns into it and fill it with terrifying monsters! What will happen when Berry, Fern and their friends Tansy and Teasel get lost inside it? Will Wisher's special ears be able to save the day? The Longears family are enjoying a beautiful spring day when danger strikes!

Burdock the buzzard attacks, and Barley finds himself taking an unexpected dip in the river - and then an even more unexpected flight with Hazel Heron! He lands in Fairweather's Farm Park, in the middle of a Pet Show - but can Barley get home before he's mistaken for one of the pets? The twins Tansy and Teasel have come to stay!

All of the young rabbits are very excited to see their friends again.

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When Mellow tells the story of a ghostly rabbit and a golden treasure, Bramble and his brothers and sisters decide to go exploring on the moor. Can they escape a barn owl and a yellow-eyed beast to discover the golden apples for themselves? It's been a long hot summer in the Ripple River Valley.

The grass is all dry and the Longears family are hungry. But their adventure to a nearby cabbage field is interrupted by a fire at Fairweather's Farm Park! Enchanting short chapter books that are perfect for new readers, the Railway Rabbits Collection includes six cute and cuddly tales.

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Including pretty black-and-white illustrations by Anna Currey, this series is sure to prove a winner with young animal lovers as they follow the adventures of Mellow, Bramble, Bracken, Wisher, Fern and Berry. My daughter is just coming up 6 and I read a chapter to her each night.

She can't wait to read the chapter, and like Kate said, my daughter reads ahead!! She hated reading and these books have given her a new view on reading which has helped no end. My 7 year-old daughter loves rabbits and loves reading so I thought these books would be a guaranteed winner. We have only read the first book but we both found it very repetitive and boring.

Early Reader: Noah's Ark.

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Georgie Adams. Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. Charmseekers Complete eBook Collection. Thirteen precious and magical silver charms have been lost in the kingdom of Karisma, and Sesame Brown has to track them down. YOU can be a Charmseeker too! The Dragon's Revenge: Book 3. Book 3. Sesame and Maddy are on holiday in Cornwall when they're whisked to Lantern Hill in Karisma to meet the third gatekeeper, Firebird.

The girls arrive to find the spirit of the great dragon, Agapogo, Guardian of the Silver Pool seeking revenge on Zorgan, the sorcerer. A plague of fire-breathing drakons is causing havoc.

They must also face Morbrecia, Queen Charm's older sister and bitter rival. There are still 11 precious charms missing - Morbrecia, Zorgan, Ses and Maddy all want to be the first to find them. Charmseekers: The Queen's Bracelet: Book 1. Book 1. When Charm became Queen of Karisma, the Silversmith made her a precious gift. A bracelet. On it are fastened 13 silver amulets, called 'charms' in honour of the new queen. The bracelet is magic with the power to control the forces of nature and keep everything in balance. As long as Queen Charm, and she alone, has possession of the bracelet all will be well.

And so it was until Zorgan, the evil magician, stole the bracelet and scattered the charms far and wide. Then there was chaos! Charmseekers: The Stolen Goblet: Book 6. Book 6. A goblet, reputed to be the one stolen from Agapogo is prized by the gribblers.

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When Ses steals it, the furious gribblers give chase and it looks as though they are going to catch her. How will Ses escape and find another charm? The Silver Pool: Book 2. At their first riding lesson Sesame and Maddy are watching Silver being re-shod, when they're whisked back to Karisma to hunt for another magical charm. But they're up against Zorgan the sorcerer and his wicked pixie puppets, Nix and Dina.

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Treacherous Zorgan has raised the spirit of the dragon Agapogo who guards the fabled silver pool. Now the pool has dried up, there's no more silver and the Silversmith and Queen Charm are in despair. And when there are charms to find evil Morbrecia, the queen's older sister, and her gribblers are on the trail. The race is on to find the charms which will restore order and harmony to the kingdom.

The Fragile Force: Book 5. Book 5. Ses and Maddy are working on a rainforest project when they are transported to the jungly area of Karisma. They come up against huge hairy spiders, ferocious crocodiles and girl-eating plants.