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In one issue we reported Bhakti-tirtha's visit to the Zambian statehouse, where he had dinner with the country's president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. He met the president through a judge, Aiyadurai Sivanandan, who had become a devotee. We also printed a photo of Justice Sivanandan, dressed in his black judge's robes and powdered wig, with tilak on his forehead. On February 7, , the Council of the District of Columbia adopted ceremonial resolution, in which it "recognized His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami Krishnapada for dedication to social change that has impacted civil and human rights for residents in the District of Columbia".

In , his biography was released, entitled Black Lotus: The Spiritual Journey of an Urban Mystic, [11] the page book is complete with full-color pictures, interviews with loved ones, and comprehensive Index. The author, Steven J. Rosen is senior editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies and associate editor of Back to Godhead , the magazine of the Hare Krishna movement.

He died following complications from melanoma cancer on June 27, , pm at Gita Nagari, the Krishna community in Pennsylvania. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bhakti Tirtha Swami. Supreme deity. Important deities. Holy scriptures. Related traditions. Other schools. Teachers Acharyas. Tantra Shakta.

Major texts. Kent - Syracuse University Press , p. Modern Gaudiya Vaishnavas to date. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. A desire to know its form and nature has been in my heart for a long time.

Travel Adventures of a Krishna Monk: May

In the whole of the earth there can be no one else who will explain it. This is known to me. Narada said: What has been asked by you, O king, is perfectly sound. I shall recount to you the real characteristics of excellent devotion. You are the most excellent one of all persons eligible to hear about Bhakti.

This should never be spoken to an undeserving person, a blind one, an internally impure one. It is being recounted by me, O sinless one. Listen to it attentively, O king. It is of three types according to three guNas and that which transcends these guNas and is thus attributeless nirguNa is considered to be the fourth one. The devotion of those who are overpowered by lust and anger and who do not see any other means shall be the Bhakti of tAmasa variety, O king. It is conducive to the acquisition of what they desire as well as magical powers. The devotion that is resorted to for gaining extraordinary fame or overpowering a rival or incidentally for enjoyment in the other worlds is known as the Bhakti of rAjasa variety.

The devotion is of the sattvika variety when it is pursued by one who knows the transitoriness of the worldly objects of pleasure and the comparative permanence of those of the other world and who, without giving up the religious duties prescribed for one's own caste and stage in life, resorts to devotion only for the sake of self-realization.

There is no other cause of this universe. I am not different from him. He does not abide separately from me.

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He is devoid of external attributes and adjuncts. He should be realized through an abundance of love. It is conducive to salvation. It is called advaita non-dualistic devotion. After enjoying the pleasures of the earth the devotees of the tAmasI Bhakti go to the world of PitRs.

Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura

They return to BhUrloka Earth and adopt a Bhakti other than the previous one. The devotee of tAmasa variety adopts devotion of the rAjasa variety; and one of the rAjasa type adopts the sAttvika variety. The devotee of sAttvika type attains liberation after non-dualistic contemplation. By resorting to any one of these the devotee should go to the path of salvation gradually.


To a person devoid? The only result thereof is pain and strain to the body as in the case of the infidelity of an adulteress. Even if he is devoid of noble birth and traditional course of conduct, a person of steady devotion who has controlled the sense-organs, is worthy of being praised by the people of all worlds. But not so in the case of a person who possesses eighteen lores but is devoid of devotion, O excellent king.

The same holds good in the case of a man of a good caste and holy rites. Bhakti unto ViSNu is not engendered in a man of very little fortune.

By acquiring Bhakti unto VisNu with great effort, one has his objects achieved and he becomes blessed. He does not perish spiritually. That through which one knows the Lord of the universe is glorified as VidyA learning. That holy rite Karma which delights the Lord is destructive of inauspiciousness. A man of steadfast holy rites possessing these two i. By the dust of his feet the whole universe including the mobile and immobile beings, is sanctified. He is competent to create, sustain and annihilate as he pleases.

Part One: Caste Gosvamis and Smarta-brahmanas

How insignificant then are the simple desires of worldly prosperity or heaven etc.! There is no difference between these two, viz. VAsudeva and His devotee. I shall tell you the characteristics of those who are devotees of ViSNu.

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  • They have calm minds. They are gentle towards all. They have conquered lust and the sense-organs. Mentally, verbally or physically they never desire to harass others. Their minds always melt with pity.

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    They are averse to stealing and inflicting violence. Towards the good qualities of others they are favourably disposed.