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He was sacked twice by newspapers. He was sacked from the front bench. He has had multiple affairs and fathered multiple children and carried on regardless. He knows no other way. Because almost all of the time he has got away with it. As mayor of London he briefly became the darling of the metropolitan left.

The pay-as-you-go bicycle service was even known as 'Boris Bikes', even though he had merely taken them on from his predecessor, Ken Livingstone. Amazing though it is to recall, but there was a time when some people thought that he was good for the capital city.

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Now questions are being asked about various mayoralty hand-outs, including one to the Californian entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri. The London Assembly has formally tabled questions. It will be interesting to see if the Whitehall civil service now acquires a little spine or just goes through the motions in its investigations. As a would-be biographer of Churchill it wasn't bad in places, but the attempted cross-referencing at himself with the war leader was laughable , Johnson has at least a smattering of historical knowledge.

He sees himself in the pantheon of Great Men. He is aware that he is in danger of going down as the shortest-serving prime minister in history. He will do everything he can to avoid that ignominy. Given that resignation is the last thing on his mind, he is likely to be safe for a few weeks yet.

Opposition parties worry that a no-confidence vote has two dangers. It might not succeed, and even if it did, it might have the unintended consequence of allowing a no-deal Brexit to sneak in, even though parliament has voted to rule it out. Better to allow a battered and bruised Johnson to stagger on, his hands and arms flailing around at the despatch box in a desperate attempt to assert his authority. On the eve of the bombshell Supreme Court judgement I was one of those who was quietly resigned to the possibility, even probability, that he might cut a deal and get Britain out by October Not because of some extraordinary act of cunning or charisma in the negotiations, but because all our European partners are heartily sick of us.

They just want to be shot of us. It was surely was not beyond the wit of both sides to rename the backstop the 'Irish protocol', conjure a couple of other tweaks to allay British concerns, and job done. The gang of 21 softie anti-no-deal dissidents would be brought back in, or enough of them to break their resolve. The Brexit ultras would be reconciled to this new-variant deal.

The confidence was palpable.

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At the end of last week, at a social function, one of Johnson's advisers was telling me that this was just the plan. Deal under the belt, it would be plain sailing on the domestic agenda. An election would follow soon after. The Brexit Party would mount no meaningful challenge; Jeremy Corbyn's polling numbers remained a car crash, while the Lib Dems would help the cause by taking on Labour in key seats, allowing Tories to win marginals where they might otherwise have been in danger.

I asked whether the majority would be 50 or Either would do nicely, but expect the upper end, my interlocutor said. I wasn't sure whether to be amused by the hubris or chilled by the prospect. Whether they believed it or not, they were willing it to be true.

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And self-belief, in politics and public life, gets you some of the way to your destination. Johnson has amassed an array of vested interests desperate to keep him in place. He owes them; he will ensure that any Brexit in his name would be of the harder variety, and that a post-Brexit future will be based in US-style low taxation and low regulation.

Now what will come of that confidence? Even though parliament is back, in one respect nothing has changed. The big moment was always going to be the middle of October, and the final weeks before deadline day. In another respect, everything has changed. European governments are sniffing that Johnson may be a lame duck.

They will now play harder ball, knowing that a.

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He and his ministers will continue to portray the process as Britannia telling those pesky Europeans to fall into line. They will shake hands coolly and smirk. If anything is possible to predict, it is that another extension of Article 50 is more likely now than before.

The EU would grant the UK, reluctantly, another three or six months.

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If they want to be mischievous, they might insist on a longer prolongation, and we would be in no position to resist. The front pages of pro-Johnson newspapers were in full defiant flow the morning after the Supreme Court ruling, helping him to prepare the ground. Expect more of the same in the next five weeks, ahead of October Johnson's people are preparing their rhetoric in advance Our parliament, aided and abetted by our courts, is defying the will of the people.

But I will soldier on. The real battle is yet to commence.

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A general election in the spring? And the Conservatives elected with a comfortable majority, to 'finish off the job'? That Johnsonian dream is looking a little less achievable; but it has not disappeared. His operation has already shown itself adept at dark attempts to manipulate our democracy. Expect more to come. Meantime, the mess that is Labour's Brexit position will be ever more exposed.

The Labour conference already feels like a long time ago, but it is worth remembering how incompetent and chilling it was. Even now Corbyn remains obsessed with fighting internal battles rather than putting a compelling proposition to the voter. He is playing straight into the Conservatives' hands. Johnson is the ultimate chancer, perhaps even more so than his mentor, Donald Trump.

In his two months so far, he has: lost six votes in parliament, lost his majority, lost two dozen MPs, been forced to reconvene parliament, been humiliated by the Supreme Court and been rumbled for lying to the Queen. That is some record. He will dust himself down and keep buggering on. That's what he does.

It takes around a 12 Spirit lead to goad either Dharkon or Galeem close enough to where a path appears - but defeating either of them in this method will not give you the True Ending.

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Instead, you will need to defeat both of their minibosses - Master Hand and Crazy Hand, reveal their second positions and defeat them too, while keeping the count equal between light and dark Spirits defeated. If you are unsure of how to proceed, clearing the entire region of all Spirits will guarantee a perfectly equal split. Below you will find a list of all Spirit Battles , as well as how to make sure the path to the True Ending is obtained. In this battle, Midna will appear shortly after the battle begins, but she can be damaged and even KO'd by your attacks - so you can either dodge out of her range or attack her directly before taking out Bayonetta.

There are high winds in this battle which you may want to negate with a support spirit, otherwise you'll have to constantly race Toon Link to the many Bullet Bills that slide over the stage. You'll face off against a tiny Ridley , and you should try to KO quickly, as he'll soon grow in size as well as power, increasing both offense and defense. A quick or powerful fighter is best here. This battle is a stamina battle where Bayonetta will start with HP, and her ranged attacks will do more damage. Close the distance quickly with a close range fighter and give yourself a Stamina boost if you need to.

This battle will pit you not only against Bowser Jr. You may want to find a support spirit that reduces explosive damage, as bob-ombs will eventually rain from the skies for a limited time, making things a bit difficult. Shield and dodge around until they stop before resuming your attack. In this battle, Robin will be giant and start with HP. He'll also have increased powers and charge his Final Smash meter - but you can stall with with a Support Spirit that jams his Final Smash.

A simplistic battle, you'll be facing Marth an Ike who will increase their defense as the battle rages on. This battle has you fight against Fox with an improved Ray Gun, as well as a Rocket Belt to float with - and you can try to reflect his shots back at him. You'll also fight Knuckles too, which means you may want to invest in the Assist Killer support spirit, and dodge his homing attacks then retaliate and finish the pair. In this battle, you will be up against Wolf , who has HP.

At around 60HP he'll become metal and much bigger, which can be a problem if you don't have strong attacks to finish him off - or use a Metal Killer support skill. This battle is a tough one which features a Ganondorf that can reflect projectiles - which means you'll have to rely on a melee fighter to get the job done. At high damage, Ganondorf will also breathe fire, making frontal assaults hard, so you may want to invest in a Franklin Badge support if the finale is giving you trouble.