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One person wrote: 'Grant Denyer is the Dragon. When it came to the Lion, the overwhelming majority of guesses were for former Australia Idol star Casey Donovan. Are they right? Meanwhile, many fans believed the Rhino was Australian footballer Wendell Sailor. They showed a dude hopping on a bouncy thing - he was a wallaby.

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Showed a boat cake - Sailor. He had a broken bone in his hands - Wendell broke his arm on TV,' one person Tweeted. Won the premiership in Correct guess? Many fans were convinced the Rhino was Australian footballer Wendell Sailor. One person wrote: 'They showed a dude hopping on a bouncy thing - he was a wallaby.

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He had a broken bone in his hands - Wendell broke his arm on tv'. Who do you think it is? One fan wrote: 'The monster sings like Gorgi Coghlan'.

The Spider was commonly believed to be singer and Eurovision contestant Kate Miller-Heidke, thanks to the clue: 'My words have gone all over the world. Is it her? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The Masked Singer Australia viewers believe they know the stars behind the Dragon and Lion - so which celebrities did you identify?

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Today's headlines Most Read Margaret, her lover and me: Anne Glenconner was the princess's closest confidante.

Now in her explosive Ferry bomb scare: Army explosives experts called to Dover as passengers and crew are evacuated and two The damning Leon Brittan files: After the former Home Secretary was hounded by police on his death bed, we Could it be you? She named it Stormfly, and she loyally rode that dragon the entire time.

Astrid and Stormfly might not be as close as Hiccup and Toothless, but they were still buddies. The Light Fury has a neat trick of becoming invisible when she wants to. She eventually teaches Toothless how to do this trick. If you are especially observant, you will notice that she fires a blast of plasma and flies into it before disappearing.

What she is actually doing is heating up her scales so that they can take on a mirrored quality, which explains her invisibility. Toothless does the same thing when he attempts to vanish the way she does. However, you may not have caught this during the movie, Grimmel also uses the same liquid in those sleep darts to control his dragons.

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If he injects a dragon with the dart, for some reason, he's able to mind control them. Honestly, that's a bit of a stretch. How can something used to put a creature to sleep be used to make them work for you? Only an extremely practiced movie-goer will have noticed this tidbit. The first movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The sequel was distributed by 20th Century Fox. I don't care too much about these behind-the-scenes factoids, but I do find them oddly fascinating to consider. The bad guy, Grimmel, believing Fishlegs to be Toothless, shoots him with a sleeping dart. Later on, Fishlegs, while not able to walk, is kind of able to talk and mutter incoherently.

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That sleep dart should have put Fishlegs out of commission for a week. You may not have noticed what Hiccup was using as paint when he was making Toothless a brand new tail because Toothless was acting so darned cute. However, if you were paying attention, you would have noticed Hiccup crushing some black scales Toothless had shed.

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Then, Hiccup asked Toothless to drool into the bowl of crushed scales. This pasty substance was then used to paint Toothless' new tail black. That's right. Toothless' tail was painted black using his own scales and saliva. During the final movie, Hiccup learns that he can't rely on dragons forever. If he wants to protect them, he is going to have to let them go. His mother, Valka, and Astrid try to tell Hiccup that he is a strong person even without Toothless by his side.

They encourage him to believe that they can all get by without dragons. And yet, when things go wrong, Hiccup and his friends solve the problem by freeing the dragons and having them fight alongside them. Some lesson. Grimmel uses these dragons called Deathgrippers in his fight against Hiccup and his pals. Grimmel uses their venom against them. Dragons are an enjoyable aspect to include in a movie. They are also tons of fun in television shows.

So if you thought his dulcet tones sounded vaguely familiar, you must be another Throney. DreamWorks Animation has made a lot of animated films at this point. Hey, if you're going to end a popular series, you need to give it all the time it deserves. When Hiccup and his friends get caught in one of Grimmel's traps, it is Valka and her dragon, Cloudjumper, who save them.

The group of Berkians are ensnared within a chain mesh.

The Masked Singer Australia viewers guess celebrities behind the Dragon and Lion

Valka swirls her staff around in a circle to call Cloudjumper to them. You may not have heard it over the sounds of impending doom, but when Valka swung her staff, it emitted a deep whistle. It was this whistle, caused by holes in the staff's head, that called Cloudjumper over. In the sequels, we could see the beginnings of peach fuzz starting to emerge around his chin. However, you may not have noticed this given how Fishlegs mostly keeps his head hooded, and your eyes are constantly drawn to the baby Gronckle he carries strapped to his stomach.

We even get to catch a glimpse of their children in one of the most touching end scenes known to man. It may have escaped your notice that Astrid and Hiccup's children share hair and eye attributes from each of their parents.