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Be accommodating, tolerant, respectful and flexible to the differences in culture. Express appreciation of the differences in culture or custom. This mentality gets reflected in your speech and body language at the time of cross-cultural communication and builds trust and friendship between the dealing parties.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

The effort also expresses genuine interest and intention in taking a relationship forward. Managers for off-shoring project work should be allocated a month or so in the foreign location to understand the work practices and gain cultural insight on the said location.

Also there should be staff training or team building activities where the team members or staff comprises employees from cross-cultural domains. Say for example, when a company is looking to outsource projects to another location or geography, hire a company with superior organizational structure.

Communication In Nursing

The hierarchy should be well defined and the team and the corporate environment should be stable. Set the expectations realistic and educate the customers with relevant information about the outsourcing company. Most importantly, keep the channel of communication transparent, continuous and healthy. With all the components in place, you can expect the cross-cultural issue to be sorted out at once.

Challenge 1: Communication

The effects of cross-cultural communication barriers can be felt very strongly where India in spite of holding the potential to be a leading hub of outsourcing is increasingly losing business to the newly emerging countries like China, Philippines, and Eastern European countries like Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Sign in. Get started. Bidisha Dutta Follow. The easiest way to get jobs at major brands in BPO. Startup Leadership Bpo Bpm Culture.

Ideally, this should speak to the greater good of humanity, but obviously related to your industry somehow. Nontraditional workers especially millennials value mission-driven organizations because they want to feel their time is being used for something worthwhile. State your mission clearly and embed it in everything you do. Demonstrate your dedication to the cause by donating to charity, holding volunteer days or incentives, or partnering with nonprofits that share your mission.. First, it helps to have clearly defined teams. This sets the expectation that people should be working collaboratively, even from a distance.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but startups and small businesses sometimes undermine collaboration by failing to form teams within the company. This can lead to confusion and low cooperation among employees. Encourage teams to meet regularly via video conference, as these virtual face-to-face meetings can help build a sense of community and familiarity. You might have one goal, or you might have several. Regardless, it is vitally important that your team has a shared goal or goals and a common understanding of how progress will be measured.

7 Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Workplace

These goals will likely be dictated by broader business goals, or it may be up to you and your team to establish your goals. This is a great opportunity to meet in person if at all possible, get to know each other better as colleagues, and work through a strategic planning process. Low productivity is an obvious risk when employees work outside of a traditional office. In an environment without day-to-day oversight, some team members may not use their time wisely.

On the other hand, certain employees risk burnout when working remotely due to a lack of boundaries. By seeing how long it takes to complete certain jobs, you are able to set baseline expectations that are useful for both current and future roles.

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Be sure to pay attention to your best performers as much as you do the rest of your team. These may be the people at risk of overworking themselves. Without the clear boundaries that office life provides, the go-getters on your team may have workdays that never end, setting themselves up for exhaustion and resentment toward the company.

Encourage your staff to keep regular business hours and take advantage of their paid time off. Check in if you suspect someone is burning the midnight oil. Erratic or moody behavior, emails sent at odd times, and a drop in work quality are all signs that a remote worker needs to take a breather. Conduct regular one-one-ones with each team member to not only hold them accountable for performance, but also to check in on workload and support needed. Many teams may find daily stand-ups—a. Having an informal group check-in each day keeps the team on the same page and holds everyone accountable for their daily tasks and ongoing projects.

Cultural Differences - Mental Health 101

In addition to group check-ins, make it a rule for managers to set up one-to-one time with their direct reports every month or quarter. This takes the stress out of a sudden request for a meeting, and gives employees a designated time to talk about their progress or any issues they might be having at work. The challenges and solutions discussed in this post are complex, so approach any changes methodically and seek outside counsel if needed.

Google Tag Manager. Harvard Division of Continuing Education Harvard. Challenge 1: Communication Communication is key in any workplace—especially one where most interactions occur via email, chat, or calls. Solution: Hire the Right People The interview process is a great way to find out how well someone communicates. Solution: Choose the Best Tools Technology is what makes virtual teams possible. Challenge 2: Trust Trust is key in any relationship. Challenge 3: Productivity Low productivity is an obvious risk when employees work outside of a traditional office.

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  • 7 Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Workplace.
  • Solution: Form Supportive Structures Be sure to pay attention to your best performers as much as you do the rest of your team. Solution: Develop Processes Many teams may find daily stand-ups—a.