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Linking with Regular Words : Select the word or words. Give the new page a name. Now whenever you write the name of the page in VoodooPad, it will link to that page automatically. Choose one of the existing pages from the pulldown menu.

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This will only link the specific word or phrase you selected to a page. It will not link other occurrences of the same word or phrase in your document to the page.

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Setting up an Alias : Choose 'Info' in the palette sidebar. Locate the box that says "Aliases" and press the plus button to add an alias.

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Type out the word or phrase that will then link to the page you are on. For a better example of this, please visit the Aliases page. All instances of that word or phrase in your document that you set up as an alias will link to the page. Enter the URL. Now whenever you write that word, it will automatically link to that URL.

In order to completely delete the URL link from your document, you will need to open up the Info Palette.

Click on the 'document' button at the top of the palette. In the table named "Files and URLs" click on the link you wish to delete.

Journey with Georgie

Click on the '-' button at the bottom of the list. Type in the URL. Unlike a Custom URL Link, this is a one time link from the word you have selected to the web address.

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VoodooPad will not automatically link that word to the URL anywhere else in your document. Go to the page you are trying to link from.

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